Resides in Los Angeles, California

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL - MFA in Painting, 2014
Rockford University, Rockford, IL - BFA in Printmaking, 2010

Solo & Two-Person Exhibitions
2019 (Forthcoming) Odd Ark, Los Angeles, CA
2018 River Belly, Projet Pangée, Montreal, QC, Canada
2018 Not Dark Yet, Left Field, San Luis Obispo, CA
2017 Reveries, Tiger Strikes Asteriod, Chicago, IL
2017 Soma, Eastside International (ESXLA), Los Angeles, CA

Selected Group Exhibitions  
(Forthcoming) curated by Open House Blog, SPRING/BREAK, New York, NY
(Forthcoming) Curated by Calli Moore, 0-0LA, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Notebook, Jacob’s West, Los Angeles, CA
Reaching Point Break, Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Mnemonkios, Tiger Strikes Asteriod, Los Angeles, CA
The Airtight Garage, curated by Laurie Nye, Big Pictures, Los Angeles, CA
Frontiers, curated by Ian Etter, SPRING/BREAK, New York, NY
Improbable Architecture, Gallery ALSO, Los Angeles. CA
In Spirit, curated by ArtSFblog, Needles & Pens, San Francisco, CA
Stretch Out the Cramp, Green Door, Chicago, IL

Eat A Peach, Dalton Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA
Fauvist, Association, Portland, OR
Filtergeist, Open House, Brooklyn, NY
Drawer, curated by Flatfile, Deli Gallery, New York,
Flying Man, Revolvedcurated by Joshua Nathanson and Jasmine Little, Dread Lounge, Los Angeles, CA
Another Place, Shrine, New York, NY
Zing Zam Blunder, curated by Brian Scott Campbell, Harbinger Projects, Reykjavík, Iceland
Raw Night, curated by Daniel Luedtke, Condo Association, Chicago, IL
Adam Lovitz / Kristy Luck / Leon Sadler / Ashley Wick, HARPY, Rutherford, NJ
Paradise, The Hand Space, Brooklyn, NY
Tickle Torture, Beers London, UK
The Edge of Doom, HILDE, Los Angeles, CA
Domestic Tranquility, 0-0 LA, Los Angeles, CA
Animal Farm, Dalton Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA
Ocotillo, Stella Elkins Gallery at Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA

Velvet Ropes, Presented by GIFC Worldwide, Brooklyn, NY
Shared Universe, Eastside International (ESXLA), Los Angeles, CA
Sparagamos, Hercules, Brooklyn, NY
Got It For Cheap curated by Charlie Roberts, rotating show in Copenhagen, Stockholm,
Paris, and London

SAIC MFA Thesis Exhibition, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, IL
Installation, Leroy Nieman Center at SAIC, Chicago, IL

River Belly: Kristy Luck + Alan Prazniak at Projet Pangee, Montreal” by James D. Campbell, Whitehot Magazine, Dec 2018
”Ten Painters on Doubt” by Beverly Acha, Lookie-Lookie, December 2018
Kristy Luck and Alan Prazniak’s River Belly” By Claire Milbrath, The Editorial Magazine, December 2018
“Where to find fantastic beasts? At Big Pictures Los Angeles’ ‘Airtight Garage’” by David Pagel, Los Angeles Times, April 2018
“What to See in New York Art Galleries This Week: Shrine” by Will Heinrich, New York Times, July 2017
“Fiona McKay and Alexis Barrell Launch HAND” by Natalia Rachlin, Architectural Digest, June 2017
“Edge of Doom at HILDE” by Mario Vasquez, ART AND CAKE, May 2017
“Now Viewing: HILDE L.A.” By Bergen Hendrickson, Opening Ceremony, May 2017

Lighthouse Works Fellowship, Fisher's Island, NY - Fall 2017

Instructor, SAIC Continuing Studies; Chicago, IL -  2014 - 2017
Roving Sub for Undergraduate Painting & Drawing, SAIC, Chicago, IL -  2013 - 2014
Teaching Assistant, SAIC Undergraduate Painting & Drawing, SAIC, Chicago, IL - 2012-2014